« Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light. »

Le Corbusier

Pauline David, 30, received her degree in design and architecture, with a specialisation on glass, from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Nancy. At only 23 years old, she begins her career at Lumières Studio, and earn her mark working next to Odile Soudant.

Fascinated by the space light occupies in our daily life, her light creations are a testimony to that fascination.


« I’m inspired by that which surrounds us, by day and by night, by the ordinary and the extraordinary, so I can create an environment in constant evolution. »

Pauline David



« I work with shadows, lights, shapes and materials to create unique and sensitive light experiences. »

Pauline David


Light is More is created in 2014 through the collective partnership between three light specialists: an architect/designer, a light director, and an optical and electrical engineer.


Light is More creates unique designs for each project such as the modular chandelier “Law of Attraction” for the gallery/concept store La Base in the 11th arrondissement, or the custom chic-chic set of the Pavillon Puebla, or the light identity of the Nehera runway show, or even the flexible and functional lighting of the French Twitter headquarters for the designer Ramy Fischler.



« My work is fully aware of the science behind the light and the effect it has on humans and spatial environment. The weather, the time, the sun and the moon, the seasons, the physical aspects inside and outside, are all parameters that physically affect our emotions, our performances, our daily circadian rhythm. »

Pauline David.


Creating an exceptional and singular decor by offering unique lighting solutions is the challenge that Pauline David is determined to overcome with Light is Design.

With three lighting collections and her mirrors, Light is Design a bespoke lighting solution that can be transformed to your taste thanks to its colours, materials and finishings.



“Most of the material for our light creations are handmade thanks to the know-how of incredible renowned artisans such as Edmond Allain, Desbourdes or even Marie Guerrier, which make ever creation unique.”

Pauline David


Together, the products of Light is Design are made in France by passionate artisans based in Ile-de-France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Occitanie.